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The book is a must read for palmists, astrologers and numerologists besides common people aspiring to know about their future! Certified Buyer , Trivandrum. Explore Plus. Philosophy and Religion Books. Religion and Belief Books. Rate Product. Flipkart's delivery was as promised.

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The publisher Goodwill Publishing House needs to read the book that they are going to print before they actually print it. Again, it is said that some Roman ruler added some other month named Mercedonius to this calendar. Now there were consecutive calendar years with different number of total days every year. Sometimes some days were dropped and some days were added to a month or the total length of a year.

In 44 B.

Cheiro's Book of Palmistry, Numerology and Astrology

Again in 8 B. But the egoistic problem remained, as this month had only 30 days. Therefore adding 1 day to August it also was made 31 days long. This 1 day was taken out of the month of February. That year it was the 4th October with its next day the 15th October — just 10 days ahead.

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Again, the current solar year Sampaata to Sampaata differs by about 11minutes and Now again a correction is required to synchronize it with the seasons, and this way it will be required again and again. The persons born on the 2nd day of a month have such qualities, you should do this, and you should do that. In a month these days are lucky for you, and these days are not in favour of you. Now hand me thousands of rupees over to me for all these predictions. Again the calendar got changed. The man approached the numerologist.

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If you follow the previous calendar then what was predicted then that goes against the new calendar. In this way several times the calendar got changed, and the numerologists kept predicting good and bad days etc for a person on the basis of the newer calendars. Then make it clear, accordingly which calendar you are ready to befool the people!

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This is a supposition presented in order to show the falsity of the English calendar as an astrological effect - producing calendar. Printed Pages Seller Inventory OP More information about this seller Contact this seller.

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