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These active qualities of air give you the invaluable qualities of being an initiator and self-start. However, if you fail to avoid the stagnant qualities of air, you run the risk of becoming emotionally and socially distant. Venus can most easily be described as the planet of harmony, which explains for your cooperative nature.

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In the same light, the power of Mercury can be described as the planet of communication. Mercury influences you in the realm of agile thinking and cleverness.

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These planets combine to make you more analytical than the other Libra Decans. Your pursuits of knowledge and understanding will always be a part of your life, as acquiring meaning gives your life purpose. Clash: Zodiac [Rooster] , Direction [West]. Clash: Zodiac [Dog] , Direction [South]. Clash: Zodiac [Pig] , Direction [East]. Clash: Zodiac [Rat] , Direction [North]. Clash: Zodiac [Ox] , Direction [West]. What's Your Lucky Number? Most Popular 1. Download Apps - Zodiac.

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Chinese Holidays. Chinese New Year This report presents trademarks about Libra astrology, Chinese zodiac sign attributes as well as an analysis of personal descriptors and predictions in money, love and health. Horoscope and zodiac sign meanings. First let's discover which are the most eloquent implications of the western zodiac sign linked to this birthday: The sun sign of people born on October 18 is Libra. This sign is placed between September 23 and October Scales is the symbol for Libra. This sign has a positive polarity and its perceptible characteristics are flexible and charming, while it is generally called a masculine sign.

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The element for Libra is the Air. The main three characteristics of natives born under this element are: has the ability to enable people to do great things having the primary purpose in mind having the ability to take unexpected points of view on familiar subjects The associated modality for this astrological sign is Cardinal. In general people born under this modality are characterized by: very energetic prefers action rather than planning takes initiative very often It is considered that Libra is most compatible in love with: Leo Gemini Sagittarius Aquarius.

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Birthday characteristics interpretation. As each birthday has its own peculiarities from astrological point of view, so Oct 18 day wears some influence. Therefore through a list of 15 relevant characteristics evaluated in a subjective manner let's try to discover the profile of a person having this birthday and through a lucky features chart aiming to explain the horoscope implications in aspects such as health, love or money.

Horoscope personality descriptors chart. Horoscope lucky features chart. October 18 health astrology. Sugar Addiction which can lead to obesity, diabetes and even behavioral changes.

Venereal disease which are mainly sexually transmitted diseases.