Ashtakavarga chart astrology

Mars in the 3rd from lagna will be well placed and Mars in the 9th will be badly placed.

What is Raja yoga in your kundali and what is its impact on life

However, lagna is not the only reference point in a chart. We have Sun and Moon. In fact, all the planets serve as reference points in a chart and they represent the sources of various energies that are present in a native.

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Based on the houses in which different planets are placed in transit, they can be benefic with respect to some energy sources and malefic with respect to some. If a transiting planet is benefic with respect to more energy sources, then it brings good results. So ashtakavarga is essentially a system that tells us the benefic positions of lagna and seven planets with respect to each other. This can be used to analyze the strength of a natal chart, but it is much more important in analyzing transits.

Learning Astrology Indian Vedic Astrology. Of course, the combinations given below are for auspicious activities, not for inauspicious activities such as war or opening a wine shop. The planet in question should be strong in Ashtakavarga in its own as well as SV and in the prasna chart for the moment. For education, Budha, the natural karak as well as the lord of the 5th house of the native's horoscope should be strong. The naisargika karak takes precedence in case of any questions on compromise. Ex:For house warming ceremony, no planets should be in 8th from 4th, i.

Malefic horas of sani and kuja should be avoided. The result of the 30 ghatikas for each day are given by Mr.

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Santhanam in his book Hindu Predictive Astrology. This calls for too much control over the timing of event which may not be possible in real life.

Ashtakavarga Calculation

As I am just experimenting with this, I would appreciate valuable feedback from group members on this approach to deciding muhurhta for an event. Sarva ashtakavargaThe following are the hints that can be useful I presume. Also we can discuss certain specific aspects of this wonderful systemRegardsPartha sarathy. Can some person say the maximum bindus a place can received?

I have seen numbers like 45 or so. I know one IIM guy who has high 11th house and fitting the same combination what Partha described. I was predicting him good results in business just day before yesterday! Posted November 25, Re Astakavarga 54 or was it 56 is a subtle comment by Parashara as I remember on 11th house requirements - i.

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Rule is simple 11th from any house has lots of Astakavarga points if that 3rd house from the house has many planets. Sanjay Gandhi had 50 points in one house I think.

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Login Or Register. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Ashtakvarga system of Astrology - the accurate way to future. Predicting Through Ashtakvarga Astrology is a noble science.

It can guide you in taking accurate decisions on each front of your life. Astrology is based on scientific calculations of the different aspects of planetary constellations at a certain time. I have been a student of astrology since and have experimented in my own way the 'Ashtakvarga system' on various horoscopes with full faith in the accuracy of this system.

Samudaya or Sarvashtakvarga A table consists of 12 Houses and 7 planets i. The total benefics should be written in each House along with planets and zodiac signs. Planets which are placed in their own sign, mooltrikona sign or exalted sign are strong, but if they have less than 28 benefic dots, they give negative results.