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Forgive me for being a total over-the-top Sagittarius in this video; I just can't help it! I'm so passionate about my Cancers. I'm love them dearly and feel For Candace's sex and love Astrology webinar click In this video I talk about Cancer versus Scorpio.

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Get exclusive, expanded week ahead videoscopes Fittingly, recorded during the Moon's transit of the last degree of Cancer for a month. Moon in Cancer video. Are you Sun or Moon Person? Astrology with Astrolada video Some people resonate more to their Moon sign rather than Sun sign.

Everything Cancer! Moon Sign Compatability! Double check your storage bins, Gemini. There might be something you saved for a rainy day.

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It's your solar revolution from the heavens, Cancer. It's all eyes on you, and your moon-shaped eyes are twinkling with utter joy. Honor your emotions and be gentle with yourself, today and every day. Good for you, Leo. You're taking a break from the spotlight and getting some much-needed rest. Think of it this way: This is a time for you to recharge your batteries and sit with your feels before you're reborn again on your birthday.

Girls night out, Virgo? You're the epitome of a loyal friend, and a snazzy get-together with your crew is long overdue. So grab your Members Only jacket, and send out some heart-warming e-vites.

Your friends miss you. Working hard, or hardly working, Libra? You might be the sign of the scales, but you've still got a thing or two to learn about balance. You either gather your woman power and go fight for that promotion, or you take a much-needed catnap. Don't misinterpret what I'm saying, Scorpio. I'm simply referring to all the amazing things coming your way. Admit it: You can almost taste the possibilities.

Your Libra Season Horoscope Is Here & Life Is Sweet

So much so, that it's all making you emotional — this is progress, my friend. Well it's about time, Sagittarius You can't play the friends-with-benefits card forever, you know. Besides, there's nothing wrong with making love and craving someone's touch.

Moon Sign Compatability! The BEST and WORST combinations for love with Psychic Astrologer Candace

There's a time and place for everything, and this is your moment of surrender. Sharing is caring, right, Capricorn? Granted, Cancer is your polar opposite, but that doesn't mean you don't know how to maneuver this energy.

Taurus: Express Your Emotions

You have the key to both areas of your astrological axis, so feel free to scoop up your main squeeze on the way to the moon. Cheer up, Aquarius.

Taurus: You're Decorating Your Routine

I know the idea of having emotions makes you cringe, but it's not the end of the world. In fact, this area of your chart governs everything in your day to day, so why not invest these "looney" emotions into your work routine?