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These cards are usually symbolized by the fire and air zodiac signs. If you have a card drawn that relates to your sign, you should lean into your personality to help you decide what's best for you. This is a really neat insight into the magic of a two-life path day. It's not easy to harmonize with others, but it's possible when you consider both sides of the problem, the theme of Libra season — balance! Sometimes people mistakenly think that in order to have peace or to bring peace into a situation where there is conflict It's superior to think of what works for yourself so that you have inner peace and also for the other person to be centered as well.

When two complete, whole individuals come together, their peace isn't to try to sway someone in their direction but rather to be true to themselves. To find out more, look for your zodiac sign below to find out what's in store for you, according to astrology. Here is your horoscope for today, Thursday, September 26, , plus a tarot card.

Aries, life presents a series of tests, especially when you're about to have an important breakthrough. Resolve yourself to always live in the energy love. There's no better way for you to experience life more fully! Taurus, guilt is something to let go and release. You don't have to believe that you could have done better.

You do the best that you can each day. Release any false or limiting beliefs about your capabilities. Give your soul permission to breathe. Gemini, your kind and generous spirit communicates that life is full of abundant energy. You teach others to trust the universe is always working on our behalf in a positive way. Focus on acts of good service since this is what makes you feel happy and that you're fulfilling your life purpose. Cancer, accept life on its own terms. There are things out of your control and that's okay.

Accept it. You are learning to adjust and change what you can and leave what you can't in the past. Leo, laugh. Humor is a medicine for the soul. When you feel sad or that a situation isn't going the way you hoped, try to find a reason to laugh. When you focus on the lighter side of life, you see things as temporary, not permanent, setbacks and can move forward faster. Virgo, face the truth. The best cure for denial is to accept the truth and to acknowledge when you feel afraid or intimidated by new things.

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You can always replace hesitation with awareness and joy. Libra, think through your situations and make a choice that works best for your own schedule. Everyone has their own unique needs, wants, and challenges. So do you. Be true to yours. Scorpio, forgive and forget. You may see things clearly now that some time has passed. It's good to let go of the past, live in the present, and not allow any resentment from what hurt you before to become a part of the future that will be full of great experiences. Sagittarius, fall in love with yourself.

For some, this could be a make-it-or-break it cycle. Or break-up-and-make-up. Saturn in your 9th house all year may curtail your optimism or your ability to travel. It may be harder for you to go where you want when you want due to responsibilities. This Saturn transit is excellent for going back to school. You can take on a heavy school load at this time and may see great advancement possibilities through higher education. Fortunate Jupiter will sprint into your 8th house on November 8th, signaling a year of financial gain and more opportunities for sex.

Gemini: will be a banner year for your work, dear Gemini. Also, this transit is stellar for health. You may be full of energy or finally seeing some relief for a health issue. You will need to keep an eye on your waistline though , because Jupiter often expands the body during this transit. Strict Saturn will be holding strong in your 8th house all year long. This could bring increased responsibilities with money, joint finances, taxes, insurance, or goods of the dead.

What does that mean? It means you need to handle your cashola with great care. Manage that green stuff like a boss. Pay your damn taxes on time. You may be entrusted to handle the financial affairs of someone who passes on. Be fair and honor their wishes. Simple as that. On May 15th, Uranus will be entering your 12th house, giving you the ability to change your unconscious thinking or habits.

Hang ups be gone! Meditation or the development of your intuitive faculties is highly recommended during this transit, which will be lasting for years. Because the 12th house symbolizes things that are hidden, this could also be a time when you are better able to understand your secret motivations — or some element of your private life could become public knowledge. This is also the house of karmic stuff, which may find you paying off a karmic debt or letting go of some old, outworn thing ex: that ex from twenty years ago once and for all.

Lucky Jupiter will head into your 7th house on November 8th, marking a yearlong happy period for all things relationship oriented. You may strengthen a current relationship, make a commitment, connect with a fabulous biz partner, or meet the one! Lots of benefits will come through others — so play nice and see where that gets ya in ! Psst…it will get you far. Five of Swords: do the right thing, even if no one is watching. Get that online profile updated and cast your net wide! In a relationship? It might be time to put a ring on it or make it official in some other way.

Facebook official? Somber Saturn will be hanging out in your 7th house, which indicates increased responsibility in relationships. This amplifies that energy around commitment and baby-making. It also indicates a period where you need to be mindful about how you relate to others. Professional partnerships are favored now , but do keep in mind that Saturn can bring issues so do approach any biz relationships with care. Make sure you vet your partners thoroughly if you want to avoid drama later on.

On May 15th, funky Uranus heads into your social sector, where it will sit for many years. New friendships with unusual people will broaden your horizons and add some spice to your social life. At times, your pals will prove to be unreliable. Let those flaky types go and take nothing personally. You may also be drawn to humanitarian causes or group activities that revolve around social reform. A Solar Eclipse on July 12th in your sign could be the right time to assert yourself or put your needs first.

November puts the emphasis on your health and work life when fortunate Jupiter heads into your 6th house. This marks a twelve-month period of improved health and work conditions. You may find yourself getting fitter and more successful as unfolds! The Sun: life is good.

Leo: This year could be fantastic for all matters around the domestic scene, dear Leo. You can also improve relationships with your loved ones. Your work world is going to be demanding all year long. Play time will come later. For now, you must commit to your grind until every last detail has been handled. Saturn in the 6th also brings the discipline for health matters. A little perseverance now could pay off with better health or a trimmer physique!

On January 31st, a Lunar Eclipse in your sign signals the right time to reinvent yourself. A new look or a rebrand could push you into the public eye in a favorable way. May 15th finds rebel Uranus entering your 10th house of career. This marks a long period where the direction of your career could change in a significant way. You may start a new business or could get involved in an unusual career that could be mentally stimulating.

This transit is especially good for tech careers or anything that requires innovative thinking. One caveat: it may make you a lot mouthier with authority figures. It could even lead to job loss. August 11th brings another eclipse in your sign. This is a Solar Eclipse — what are you ready to shed to make way for the new? Also, are you being honest with others about what you need?

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Jupiter will head into your true love sector on November 8th, creating the right energy for love to enter your life — or for baby making. Maybe both. Get ready to fill that renovated nest with lots of love! Six of Cups: the seeds you planted are ready to bloom. Love is in the air , and your home is full of peace. Life is ever-so-sweet. This is a happy transit, one that promises to lighten your mood significantly.

You could be hobnobbing around the world with interesting peeps and dazzling them with your brilliance. Thought leader? I think so! This year also finds hard taskmaster Saturn hanging around in your 5th house. The key is to work at it. Saturn here can also bring about a commitment or a baby. Settling down looks good on you. Innovative Uranus moves into your 9th house on May 15th. This could spark an interest in the occult or astrology. This transit is also quite nice for higher education and traveling to parts unknown.

Friendships with people who have unusual philosophical beliefs or who come from distant places add mental stimulation to your life. Who knows? Jupiter will enter your 4th house at that time, giving you a full year to get your domestic life set up like a rock star!

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If you want to expand that family, the stars say yes, please. Ten of Cups: your home is your castle , and your family is your legacy. Treat them both with the love they deserve. With fortunate Jupiter sitting pretty in your 2nd house, you can be sure that the money is going to be flowing in your direction.

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The 8th house rules taxes, insurance, joint finances, and loans. While Jupiter may bless you with lots more money, Uranus could bring some unexpected surprises. Instead, do what you can to manage your dough. Uranus in the 8th can bring opportunities for exciting erotic adventures. Just remember the safe word when Venus goes retrograde from October 5th through November 16th.

This period could bring relationship issues to the forefront. Deal with them as gracefully as possible and listen as well as you talk. You can create the home of your dreams or finally fix those nagging issues once and for all. November 8th brings Jupiter into your 3rd house of communication. This is a lovely transit for expressing yourself.

Write that memoir, start that blog, launch an inspiring PR campaign. Make your voice heard! Keep your options open. Scorpio: A magical year awaits you, dear Scorpio! With fortuitous Jupiter in your sign, this is the year of YOU. You can improve any area of your life that you wish now.

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This is a year with lots of optimism and reasons to be happy. Life will improve and your environment will get better as the year progresses. One thing to watch out for: this transit can bring a bigger waistline. Stern Saturn is hanging out in your 3rd house of mind, which is interesting.

This could produce swings between positivity and pessimism. Watch out for that tendency — seek balance when you find yourself heading to the dark side. If you want to be a scholar or an author, this transit is gonna give you the ambition to make it so. Unpredictable Uranus will enter your relationship sector on May 15th.

If your relationship is troubled, the years ahead could indeed bring a break up. But if not, it can simply mean freedom in your relationship. For example, you and your partner may do your own thing. Or you may want to try an open relationship. In some cases, it may be that you live in different locations.

On the other hand, Uranus in the 7th can bring cool, eccentric people into your orbit. Venus will turn retrograde in your sign from October 5th through November 16th, a period that could dredge up lots of problems in your love life. An icky, obsessive old flame may return or issues around possessiveness could kill your love-buzz.

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Start your money mindset mantras on November 7th, when Jupiter will move into your money sector. This begins a year-long auspicious period for financial gain. You deserve it. Ten of Wands — work hard, play hard. Ahead is the end of a long journey and a prize waiting for you.

Keep at it. Sagittarius: With Jupiter lingering in your 12th house for much of the year, you may feel as if something big is happening or you may be starting the work behind the scenes on something truly fabulous. This is the right time for you to begin your top secret projects — you can launch them later in the year when Jupiter heads into your sign.


Jupiter in the 12th also marks a period where rest and introspection may be calling you. Take time away from the spotlight to focus on your healing. Chill out where you can. Look within often.

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Go on a retreat if you can. Sober Saturn has moved into your 2nd house of money, which means the next two years demand strong structures if you want to avoid problems with your cash flow. Keep your debts as low as possible , and focus on building your savings. Your work world is about to go through a radical change come May 15th, when erratic Uranus jumps into your 6th house.

Your routines could experience a shake-up or you may begin working in a new, unusual career. Technological innovations could play an important role in your work environment location independent or you may find yourself interested in astrology or other occult pursuits. Keep in mind that this transit may bring unpredictability with the job market — for some Sagittarius folks, this could mean unstable employment or a sudden loss of job. Because the 6th house also rules health, you may be interested in the latest diet fads. That raw fruitarian all-smoothie thing may be your new habit.

Alternative health methods or mind-body-spirit therapies may also interest you. Mark November 8th on your calendar. This is when Jupiter finally lands in your sign, opening you up to all sorts of amazing new opportunities. The year that follows could find your world expanding in exciting new ways. Debut that thing and watch your fans line up. Queen of Cups: get in touch with your feelings. Trust your gut in all matters.

Capricorn: This is a hardworking period for you, dear Capricorn. With your ruler in your sign for the next few years, you are going to get a lot of things done. Your discipline is on point, giving you the edge over those other suckas. BE serious. Keep your nose to the grindstone , and trust that progress is happening, even if you cannot see it.

This period is also good for taking better care of your body. If you apply discipline to your physical body, you could see a significant improvement in your well-being. With Jupiter gracing your 11th house for most of the year, you might be enjoying a lot more fun with your friends. Friends will be extra-supportive during this time. You can lean on them — your squad will have your back. This transit may also bring one of your goals to fruition.

Even though Saturn is making you work your ass off, Jupiter in the 11th increases your chances for achievement! Uranus stirs the romantic pot starting May 15th, when it moves into your true love zone.

What Will The Stars Bring For Each Sign In May?

This could bring unconventional love partners or lots of casual affairs. Romantic opportunities may come and go out of the blue. On a negative note, this transit may also bring unstable romantic partners or unplanned pregnancies! Do NOT be impulsive or you could end up with a bun in the oven or a bum on your couch! November 8th puts Jupiter in your 12th house of rest. This begins a yearlong self-improvement period where you can clear away limiting beliefs, negative energy, and old hang ups once and for all.

Spiritual retreats and meditation may be attractive to you during this time. You can also begin to work on top secret projects. In , you can reveal that shizz to the world. The Lovers: let love rule in all you do. Romance is high , and cooperation will save the day. Temptation is around you. Watch out for snakes! Aquarius: This year promises to be interesting on many levels, dear Aquarius. For one, Jupiter is hanging out in your 10th house of honors and recognition, which means you may be getting sweet applause for all your hard work and some killer opportunities that could push your career to new, dizzying heights.

Advancement is possible — grab that brass ring and climb! Seek favors from authority figures — they are more likely to want to help advance your agenda. At the same time that this goodness is going on, hard-working Saturn is hanging low in your 12th house of seclusion. Here, Saturn forces you to work out all your inner shit. This is the right time to confront your hang-ups and habits. Seek therapy if necessary. This period, which lasts about two years, will give you the power to overcome all the things that contribute to your undoing.

See how this is playing out? On February 15th, a Solar Eclipse in your sign paves the way for a whole new you to emerge. You can reinvent yourself at this time with a new look or a rebrand note to Aquarian son: get rid of those trucker hats. May 15th finds your ruler, Uranus, moving into your 4th house.

Uranus in the domestic sector brings the desire for freedom in home and family. You want to do your own thing, rebel. Some of your loved ones may not appreciate you marching to the beat of your own drummer. Do you, boo. This is also a strong transit for home renovations.

Update your decor, tear up the rugs, plant a wildflower garden. Most importantly, make your home your own even if that means painting the outside Pepto-Bismol pink. Mars will be retrograde in your sign from June 28th through August 27th. This transit could bring out your unpredictable, prickly side. Watch your temper and impulses now or you could turn people off. During this period, there will be another eclipse in your sign — on July 27th, a Lunar Eclipse may find you wanting to break free in some area of your life.

This could be a day where you decide to end a friendship or head off on some personal mission. On November 8th, Jupiter will enter your 11th house of social activities. The year ahead could bring about some intriguing new playmates or lots of opportunities to kick it with your homies. If you like , just wait — is shaping up to be your jam.

Three of Wands: the world is wide and beautiful. Opportunities are there for you. Get out , and make it happen! Those trips could expand your world in meaningful ways. You may also be interested in other cultures or philosophies. Broaden your outlook by learning how others operate in different parts of the world. It will do you good. You can also benefit this year from higher education. Back to school?