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You have a very exotic and creative force which can be used for love, healing, and creative purposes, or which can turn destructive and negative, bringing you and others with you down. Libra Rising and Venus in Sagittarius Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the idealistic and optimistic sign of Sagittarius, indicating that generosity, playful spontaneity, and a love of adventure infuse your relationships and your approach to life. You will touch many. Part of your soul function is to spread good will, tolerance, and acceptance for many different kinds of people.

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Traveling or at least moving around quite a bit in order to make connections is a part of this. At your best you bring people together in an atmosphere of openness, friendship, and possibly learning. Beware of your tendency to be somewhat irresponsible towards others or of promising anything because it seems good at the moment and you want to be agreeable but which you can not or will not follow through on.

Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the objective and unemotional sign of Capricorn, suggesting that you seek new solutions and alternatives in order to create harmony and make the world a better place. A concern for social justice and social betterment are woven into your very fabric. Active involvement in your community, especially in conflict resolution and facilitating or coordinating groups of people to cooperate and help one another, is essential to fulfilling your soul function.

The arts or entertainment may well be a key part of this, also. Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the idealistic, free-thinking, and unconventional sign of Aquarius, suggesting that you seek new solutions and alternatives in order to create harmony and make the world a better place. Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the sensitive, sympathetic, compassionate sign of Pisces: you are kind hearted, tolerant, giving and forgiving, with an impulse to save, rescue, heal your loved ones — anyone, actually, who is broken or in need. At best you are a champion of the weak and an instrument for grace to flow into the lives of those around you.

Metaphysically you appreciate the space between activities, so your persona reflects that kind of calm. This contemplative expression indicates that you can achieve a balance between your physical life and your soul life. As you learn to work with duality in a conscious way, your persona becomes calmer and you are able to effect change in the world without stirring up the energy more than necessary.

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The tendency to balance and calm is part of what makes you a welcome guest. You can be counted on to enrich conversation both by listening actively and participating with clear questions, ideas, and an occasional opinion.

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  • You cultivate harmony among the people around you, and thus make a strong team member who can be counted on to keep the goal in mind in the midst of discussion. As your spiritual path unfolds, you find that your sexual and other material desires change. Instead of engaging in sex for the sake of sex, you seek partners who share a spiritual affinity that allows you both to experience ecstasy through your relationship. Sometimes this even means engaging in activities that transcend the physical realm without using physical contact as the avenue of approach.

    Sometimes we see an older couple hanging out together. They investigate whatever catches the eye, pointing out things to each other. They are calm, not rushing their activity but following its natural pace.

    The Pisces man: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

    The outer appearance reflects an inner spiritual attunement that is the hallmark of the Libra Ascendant. Libra Ascendants are vulnerable to any excess that throws the physical body out of harmony. This can result in a variety of ailments involving the kidneys, bladder and sexual organs. In this way, you demonstrate respect for yourself and your partner on the physical and spiritual level.

    Even if you strongly disagree with someone, you will try to find points of similarity and agreement rather than emphasizing the differences. You often avoid taking an extreme or one-sided stance on anything. You have a strong desire for harmonious and pleasant relationships, and express a spirit of cooperation, compromise, friendship, and fairness. You so much want to please that often you will suppress your own intense or unpleasant feelings in order not to offend others. Sometimes your politeness is interpreted as phoniness or wishy-washiness.

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    Your need to create harmony extends to your physical environment and personal appearance as well. You appreciate beauty and have a natural sense of balance, symmetry, and proportion. You do everything in good taste, with a sense of style and art. From your home furnishings to your choice of clothing, everything must be aesthetically appealing, not simply functional or utilitarian. You also feel that relationships are an art, one that especially interests you and one that you are usually quite skilled at, for you possess tact and acute awareness of other people.

    Marriage is very significant to you and finding the right person to share your life with is extremely important. Being part of a close couple seems natural to you — you are not an independent loner.

    Having a partner increases your self-confidence. You do have a tendency, however, to become overly dependent on your partner and perhaps not to develop a clearly defined identity outside of the relationship. Finding the balance between being yourself and blending and uniting with another is a challenge for you. Though there may be much more to you, this is the sort of face you show to the world. You possess personal charm and an understated, noncombative manner.

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    Libra Rising — General Your soul function involves establishing balance, and harmony in your world, and an awareness of beauty, of relationship, of style, and how things fit or blend together.

    Libra Rising and Venus in Aries However, your ruling planet, Venus, is in the fiery and self-assertive sign of Aries, suggesting that direct confrontation and even conflict when necessary is how you seek to create harmony and relationship. For her part, the Gemini woman may begin to find her Libra man too sensitive and too clingy, not to mention in too much of a rush to settle down. For the Libra man and Gemini woman, compatibility flounders between partners with very different relationship goals. They will argue but without screaming, instead tyring to outwit or outsmart each other.

    The Gemini woman belongs to a mutable sign, and if she wants to, she is quite capable of compromising and adapting to fit in with her Libra man — the big question, however, is whether she will want to or not. The couple are likely to part without bitterness, but with a tinge of regret — for the Libra man and Gemini woman, compatibility was almost there, but just not quite. Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship? Take our free "Star Sign Compatibility Quiz" to instantly reveal your compatibility score!

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